“Becky Jones is in touch, on time, and on the spot. You can feel good about leaving it to Becky”
- Brad Todd
“While away on a two week cruise, Becky fed our two cats, kept their litter boxes clean, and brought in our mail. We came home to happy cats and everything in good order. We'll need her again in February."
- Susan Read

I am Becky Jones, the founder of Leave It to Becky. I have spent over 30 years in branch management with community banks and commercial banks. Customer service has always been a high priority for me.

Leave It To Becky is an errand and concierge service dedicated to helping people in the Northern Neck of Virginia. I offer lifestyle management services designed to save you time for the more important things in life.

I have lived in Reedville for the past several years, and for 20 years prior to that, my family enjoyed spending time on weekends and vacations, boating, sailing, and just relaxing in the peaceful, stress free environment of the area. If I were to change anything it would be playing more and working less on the weekends. After all, isn’t that what summer and weekend getaways are for? That is where Leave It To Becky comes in.

Wouldn’t you love to arrive at your weekend place with your refrigerator and pantry stocked with the foods you love, finding grass cut and the house clean?  You just lay back, have a drink, enjoy the view and quality time with family or guests.

Then there are the times that you need repairs for the home such as plumbing leaks, cable needs to be hooked up, heat pump is broken, etc. and the only time you can get the work done is during the week. That means missing time from work to set up and supervise the work. I can arrange the service with reliable vendors and oversee the work for you. I provide check in services year round to check on the security of your home, watch for storm damage, frozen pipes and see that everything is in good order.  These services provide peace of mind and save you time to spend in the ways you value most.

I can assist year round residents as well.  Leave It To Becky provides errand services like grocery shopping, provides or arranges for pet sitting, plant care, cleaning, and I can help schedule and accept deliveries such as furniture or appliances.  I have helped clients with decluttering or organizing and can help distribute items for donation or consignment.

Consider calling me for a free consultation to explore the ways I can make your life easier and free up time for you.  Just Leave It To Becky.